Milt "Judge" Hinton
Judge you are an angel ... God just don't make 'em like you often. You impacted my entire life ... in music, photography, honesty, marriage, consistency, and any other important area. Your spirit definitely lives every day in my heart. The highest compliment I can give anyone is they're like you.

Thanks Judge ... you are the GREATEST!

@Kimball's East - Emeryville, CA

Ray "Ding Dong Daddy" Brown
Anyone trying to play bass who overlooks Ray Brown should quit immediately.Words can't describe your impact and I will always remember your advice.

Thanks (Ding) for your incredible legacy!


@The Hampton Festival - Moscow, ID

Percy Heath
Big Brother Percy, you are one of the classiest and funniest people I've ever met ... you are a REAL jazz cellist/bassist.

I am richly blessed by the fact that you crossed my life walk, to have paid tribute to you, and to have shared the bandstand with you ... what a delight!

Thanks ever so much Big Brother Percy!

@WHQR - Wilmington, NC

"Papa" Keter Betts
'Papa ATM', just like Judge (which is my greatest compliment), you are an angel on earth; you help in ways too numerous to mention and definitely not just musical. You just have this way of teaching life lessons in the lightest but most serious way.

Thanks ever so much Papa ...Much Love.

On the SS Norway

John Clayton
John, you are the most well rounded musician on earth ... you do it all at the highest level and have the nerve to call yourself someone's fan! Well, you're THE GREATEST and I am definitely your BIGGEST FAN.

Many thanks and much love!


@Recording Studio in LA, CA

Rufus Reid
Rufus, my first association was when you gave me a lesson at my place. Imagine that ... a butt kicking in your own home!

Even today, you continue to help me today with long lasting lessons.

Thanks so much!

@UNC - Wilmington, NC

John Heard
John, you are one of the nicest people I've ever met, but many are thrown off because you're crazy!

We talked on the phone for 2yrs, met in person, and have been friends every since. No one has ever given me such concise and useful advice ... you definitely know what you're talking about.

Thanks so much John!


@At John's House - North Hollywood, CA

Larry Ridley
Brother Larry, your incredible spirit hit me when we met at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; now, it's an honor to be in regular contact on lessons, IAJE, AAJC, music, and strings.

Thanks for your wonderful spirit!


@The Kennedy Center - Washington, DC

Bob Cranshaw
Crankshaft, you are from the same mold as Judge and the things you've told me have all came true. You can play with anyone and make them sound better than ever before; you are a bass players bassist.

Thanks ever so much for the life lessons!

@Sculler's - Boston, MA

Lee Burrows
Everyone on earth needs to know someone like you and I am thankful to have known you. The Listening List on my website is dedicated to you; that list also provided me with several hundred nicknames for you, including 'Deacon'! I miss you madly but you'll always be in my heart ... thanks for your warm, genuine, inspirational, positive, loving, and constant spirit; you make me strive to be a better person.

Much Love!


@The College of Charleston (SC)

Elmer Gibson
Elmer, you almost single-handedly turned my life around the night you sent me home from a gig; well, it turned out to be a turning point. You've been with me throughout my study of Jazz music; even though you're tucked away in NC, you have helped many people, including and especially me.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Elmer!


@Water Street Cafe - Wilmington, NC

Ron Free
Ron, you are one of the tastiest drummers and gentlest spirits on earth; you were the first one who pointed out the importance of lyrics as well as the first drummer I really practiced with regularly. As a result, you are an integral part of my entire musical personality.

Thank you ever so much.


@Water Street Cafe - Wilmington, NC

Reginald Veal
Doom, we've been in contact for over 10yrs on many topics, especially playing bass in various bands.

Thanks for the conversations, hangs, and recommendations over the years!


@The Community Center - Wilmington, NC

Eric Reed
Reed, you are young at heart and old in the mind; on top of all that, you are playing a whole pile of piano.

Thanks for the opportunities we've had to play together you crazy individual!


In Mariehamm, Finland

Cedar Walton
Lord Walton, you are one of my all-time favorite composers and pianists; playing with you is ALWAYS a lesson that takes months to internalize.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful music!


@The Scottish Rite Temple - Wilmington, NC

Marcus Roberts
J-Master, you are a genius and many people are better musicians as a result of knowing you, including me.

Thank you for everything and we still have unfinished business to tend to!


@The Wooden Flute In Columbia, SC

Monty Alexander
Monty, you are one of the few people whose advice I trust completely because of the spirit in which it is always given and what you went through to know.

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful music we've made and I look forward to more of the same.

Peace and Love!!

@Birdland in NYC

Earl May
Brother Earl, I don't know how you do it but you always play the right notes in a backwards kind of way.

Thanks for your encouragement and advice over the years.

Much Love!

On the SS Norway

Junior Mance
Uncle Junior, I have never met a pianist who knows as much about the American songbook; verses, choruses, lyrics, composers, arrangers, publishers.

Each time we talk or play it's an invaluable and unforgettable lesson ... for me!

Thanks a million.


On the SS Norway

Peter Washington
You deserve to be the hardest working bassist in NYC; and you do it all with one alternating finger!

Thanks for the advice, hangs, and music over the years ... it means a lot.

On the SS Norway

Rudy Tyson
We spent many years together that will never be forgotten.

Rudy ... thanks for your smile and spirit.

In Wilmington, NC